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Success, The Write Path to Writing, Marketing & Publishing Your Successful Book $uccess
The Write Path to Writing, Marketing & Publishing Your Successful Book
$uccess was published in answer to the many participants at Maralyn and Brenda's seminars, marketing workshops, and classes at writer's conferences and spas. Students and participants often ask them, "How do we get started?" $UCCESS tells how!

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$uccess Reader's and Reviewer's Comments:

"Discover the many aspects of creative writing, research, marketing, publicity and publishing. You will be compelled to read and practice Maralyn and Brenda’s tips and resources on successful book writing. These delightful and successful authors collaborated to bring both new and seasoned writers a comprehensive workbook."—Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual.

"These veteran authors bring new and seasoned writers practical tips for becoming more successful. Do yourself a favor -- read and practice their tips and resources and you can triumph in this competitive business. The Hill Team covers many aspects of creative writing, research, marketing, publicity and publishing in a delightfully positive manner."—Brian Jud, author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books.

“This easily read handbook combines not only sections on writing and editing techniques, but also marketing and publishing. While the Hill team gives numerous hints for writing and publishing in $uccess, they go a step beyond by giving workshops in various locations where writers can come and get personal questions answered.”—Barbara Hanson Dennis, College Administrator and Educator.

“Success is chock full of tips and resources--showing an incredible amount of research. It is a book that will save you tons of time plus set you off in the right direction, no matter where you might be in the process of your writing project.”—Nancy J. Reid, The Big Blend.

“You have a solid, much needed book.”—Cork Millner, Author, Write from the Start.

“The two authors, successful writers in their own right, share their own experiences and what they’ve learned in a way that makes you feel like you’re being given a private tutoring with a true professional who is more like a personal friend.”—Susan Haley, Author, Rainy Day People, FIBERS IN THE WEB.

“It’s excellent…this is one of the better writers presentation books I’ve seen.”—Paul Cooper, Quiet Leaf Speakers Group and Author.

“Delightful Writer's Guide and Sourcebook --I read Success in one sitting because I could not put it down. It is full of meat and potatoes advice and references, it is well organized and easy to read, and it is charmingly written. From its Cheerio and Krazy Glue Tips to its thought-provoking quotes, Success is a writer's journal and sourcebook all rolled up into one terrifically helpful guide plus encouragement to anyone who aspires to write a book. The easy, conversational tone and straightforward approach makes you look forward to whatever the Hill Team comes up with next! Thank you for a very helpful, informative, fun read!”—Terry Jean Taylor, Writer.

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